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Christian Bischoff LIFE GmbH

Christian Bischoff

Christian Bischoff is one of the most influential personality and mental coaches in Europe. During the Corona pandemic he was able to shift his live-event business to an online/hybrid business model.

The custom-made cloud platform built by wusoma enables Christian and his team to digitize all processes and scale his business model to the sky.


Peter Beer GmbH


Peter Beer is one of the most well-known german-speaking experts for mindfulness and meditation. wusomas custom-made platform enables Peter to reach and brighten his tremendous increasing number of academy members.

This solid foundation gives Peter the possibility to focus on content instead of technically issues caused by solutions that cannot keep pace with his increasing success.


Computec Media GmbH

PCGH Ratgeber

Computec is a large german publisher operating well known brands like PC Games, PC Games Hardware, Golem and many more. wusoma developed a platform that enabled Computec to successfully build and scale affiliate monetized business models within its own brand landscape.

“Building an authentic and sustainably performing foothold in the affiliate ecosystem for a trusted content brand like PC Games Hardware requires tact and technological expertise. For our new sub-brand and gaming IT buyer's guide portal "PCGH Ratgeber", wusoma solved this task very well, taking into account all stakeholders with respect, goal orientation and an agile way of working.”

Christian Müller
CEO Computec Media

Adrelius, Inc.


Adrelius, Inc. operates a global advertising network and a huge amount of e-commerce comparison websites.

To satisfy its more than 1 Mio unique visitors per day in its network Adrelius, Inc. uses a custom-made cloud platform built by wusoma.